On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 04:03:42PM -0300, Andreas Plath wrote:
> Hello all,
> > Porting GIMP plugins to GEGL operations
> >
> > There are many many GIMP plugins that would need eventually to be
> > converted to GEGL operations, if we want to use them in future
> > versions of GIMP.
> 1) Looking in the GIMP and GEGL dev sites, I found a list of library
> dependencies for GEGL but not one for GIMP. I haven't downloaded the source
> yet, so perhaps there's such a list in there. If not, where can I find it?
> My computer runs a vanilla Ubuntu 10.04 install, should I expect any
> problems?
after opening the downloaded archive, type "./configure" and see if this 
runs successfully and then look at the nicely formated output to see if you
need to have other things installed.

when configure fails to run, it always tells exactly what it needs to complete
its task and you can decide if you want your distribution to install that for
you or if you would like to build that for yourself.

> 2) Are there any special guidelines for writing plugins using GEGL
> operations? Are they listed anywhere? (Looking at the GIMP dev site I
> haven't found any). Is there an already ported plugin to use as an example?
> Or a template?
look at the gegl ops.  and there is a template available, although, i have
not heard of any one other than me mentioning this in a long while -- so 
consider making your own template.  perhaps use a mindset like that you are
on new ground and that you would like your contribution to be looked back on
with respect.  that is just a suggestion, but i think that you are on 
relatively new ground and it is the safest approach, perhaps.

> 3) Which plugins should be ported first? Is there a priority list? Is it
> possible to port all plugins given the current list of GEGL operations? If
> not, which are possible?
a priority list will be made of the priorities of the people who write that
list.  that seems like a very stupid thing to write, but a bunch of photo-
graphers would think that the "useful to photographers" plugins will make 
those the greatest priority, for example.

the first plugin i tried to use with gimp-3 was pagecurl; is that my priority?
it is only the first plugin i tried to use and i tried to use it because of
a few qualities it had.  some additional gtk+ stuff and oh, the length of time
it has been with gimp.  it was a priority to me at that moment and because
i was trying a new major version for the first time and had become familar 
with its history.

i strongly recommend that you choose your plugin based on your abilities and
not on the recommendation of whatever people are making lists right now --
including me.  you should like it and you should know what the results are
supposed to be.

i recommend avoiding blurs and noise, i make this suggestion having read 
the blurred and noisy history of these plugins and if pressed to provide 
further explanation for this, i would not be able to provide any so ignore 
this advice if it suits you to do so.

> 4) Is this a simple porting job or are there any documented desired
> improvements to be made on the plugins?
is this question redundant?
> 5) Where should I go for help when I need it? :-)
where ever you actually get answers to your questions.

> Though I've worked as a C programmer for several years, I'm a bit rusty
> after six years of spreadsheets and Gantt charts ... :-) On top of that,
> I've never done any serious graphics programming (except for a couple of
> classes back in college, over 15 years ago). So I'll need some time to get
> up to speed. Hope that's alright.
does this work include any familiarity with gnu build tools?  does your 
C experience require more than just gcc to produce the software that you 
write?  i suspect that this question is worded wrongly.  when gimp was being
written, the developers then did not even allow c++ comments.  but the auto-
matic installing of software from the distributions has somewhat diluted this
like-minded goal that used to exist.  at least i think it is the automatic
installing of distribution binaries which did this; consider that to be a

for Linux, when a whole group of software (perhaps even up to ten or more
dependencies for the more complex softwares like music players/editors, and
graphics displayers/editors) when there is just one dependency that requires
that another compiler be installed -- it feels like a purpose has been 
defeated.  gimp-1.2 only had a wrong requirement for g++ in its build scripts
and that was removed for gimp-2.0.

> I usually learn faster by working on something concrete, so I'd apreciate if
> someone could point me to a couple of relevant but not too dificult plugins
> to start on.
the "concrete" is in your mind.  pick something that you will enjoy.  if it 
turns out to be not concrete, then you have learned.  

my math teacher once told me about the calculus classes (my college split them
into 3 semesters).  she said that the content of the last class wasn't actually
learned until the next one.  she said it much more eloquantly than that. but
what her words said that it was actually in Calculus 1 that algebra and trig
were understood and it was in the second Calculus that the content of the first
semester was understood. and that it was in differential equations that the
content of the second semester of calculus was understood.

i think that this was an accurate assessment of learning the subject matter of
these classes and it is also an accurate assessment of learning just about


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