I did a git pull of babl, gegl, and gimp today just to get any changes 
and gimp won't configure now, complaining that:

checking for GEGL... no
configure: error: Package requirements (gegl >= 0.1.6) were not met:

Requested 'gegl >= 0.1.6' but version of GEGL is 0.1.5

and indeed:

pkg-config  --modversion gegl

Is there a quick workaround I can do, i.e. change these:

Makefile:BABL_REAL_VERSION = 0.1.5
Makefile:BABL_VERSION = 0.1.5
Makefile:PACKAGE_STRING = babl 0.1.5
Makefile:PACKAGE_VERSION = 0.1.5
Makefile:VERSION = 0.1.5

and remake?  Does someone need to check into the gegl trunk?

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