On 03/01/2011 03:54 PM, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:
>> ... elision by patrick...
> How about having (hideable of course :)) on-canvas infos? IMHO that
> would be even fancier. Infos could be aligned with control that
> modifies them. Numerical input could be done similarly on-canvas. I
> think hovering pointer above e.g. rotation control and clicking middle
> button (?) could activate input (displayed on the place). That way we'd
> save considerable ammount of mouse movement between canvas and dock. To
> make things even more unobtrusive input could “slide” after activation
> to some place on the screen (bottom of the screen) util value would be
> entered and whole control could be hidden. Well… there's the thing
> about this being fast, but I think that's what new, fancy compositioning
> infrastructures are for ;>. It seems to me like a reasonable
> application of new capabilities.
I would prefer the dock-able thing.  Working with my tablet, touching on 
the side instead of on the drawing is a negligible movement.  I also 
prefer things not be mapped to middle mouse buttons because most mice 
don't have them (and tablets neither) and though a simultaneous click of 
right and left are often mapped to a middle mouse click, it isn't always 
reliable.  You certainly wouldn't want (IMHO) to make this something 
that someone would have to do to use the tool.


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