> >> ... elision by patrick...
> > How about having (hideable of course :)) on-canvas infos? IMHO that
> > would be even fancier. Infos could be aligned with control that
> > modifies them. Numerical input could be done similarly on-canvas. I
> > think hovering pointer above e.g. rotation control and clicking
> > middle button (?) could activate input (displayed on the place).
> > That way we'd save considerable ammount of mouse movement between
> > canvas and dock. To make things even more unobtrusive input could
> > “slide” after activation to some place on the screen (bottom of the
> > screen) util value would be entered and whole control could be
> > hidden. Well… there's the thing about this being fast, but I think
> > that's what new, fancy compositioning infrastructures are for ;>.
> > It seems to me like a reasonable application of new capabilities.
> I would prefer the dock-able thing.  Working with my tablet, touching
> on the side instead of on the drawing is a negligible movement.  I
> also prefer things not be mapped to middle mouse buttons because most
> mice don't have them (and tablets neither) and though a simultaneous
> click of right and left are often mapped to a middle mouse click, it
> isn't always reliable.  You certainly wouldn't want (IMHO) to make
> this something that someone would have to do to use the tool.

Yup… That's why I said “hideable” and used “(?)” after middle
button (used also quite often for panning) :).

As for the first: I prefer the idea of on-canvas because it
means the least ammount of movement (hence fastest work)–be it stylus or
mouse. Of course I'm not trying to force you into my way of working :),
but I'd like to avoid “hunting” with pointer for appropriate control as
much as possible. If the control is right under pointer… you don't need
to seek it on the screen *at all*.

As for the second: middle button is here just as an “e.g.” :). Equally
good it could be some set of modifier keys or sumthin' ;). Anyway, I
think it would be best to choose something sane for default but leave
final decision about it to the user choice in the end.

Best regards!

PS. I believe that most mice have the middle button nowadays, but that's
just a little digression…

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