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>> Debi Rapson <drapson <at> mansd.org> writes:
>> > Can you point me in the direction of a list of places that actually use
>> > GIMP for photo retouching and graphics creation.
>> Hmm. GIMP is not well suited for professional photo retouching - it lack the
>> necessary CMYK color model (among other things). I'm not sure what the focus
>> of your program is but if you're looking for real-world use I would look more
>> into video game art creation or online content.
>> Could you explain why retouching photos should be made in CMYK rather than 
>> RGB?
> Photo retouching is usually done by print magazines. It stands to reason that
> they would use tools that are able to work with CMYK.

If I may interfere :). In my work I use CMYK on daily basis and I
think the question "why photos should be retouched in CMYK" is not the
right one to ask. One could do that but it's not the point. CMYK is
not needed because it's nice to retouch images but because it provides
fine control over cyan, magenta, yellow and black color components in
four color professional print. One could only relay on color
management in print workflow, but oftentimes it's insufficient. There
are (not so rare) cases when CMS doesn't yield expected results—I
mean: conversion can be done all right according to theory but in
spite of that it's better to manually decide how some colors end up
looking like. Sometimes one need to add or remove some "paint" from
reproduction before it's going to be printed. Example: you need to
have nice black background. Most of the times CMS will try to simulate
that with all colors while it's better to use e.g. just full black and
cyan. Another example: you need to do some trapping. Sometimes it can
be done in RIP but you need to trust that to RIP itself and print
house. These are only a couple of arguments, leaving aside quite
similar cases of printing with paints different than C, M, Y and K.

Best regards!
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