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>> 2011/3/8 Michael Grosberg <grosberg.michael <at> gmail.com>
>> Could you explain why retouching photos should be made in CMYK rather than 
>> RGB?
> Photo retouching is usually done by print magazines. It stands to reason that
> they would use tools that are able to work with CMYK.

Please see my longer response about why doing this _in_ CMYK is
usually wrong, premature optimization by using device dependendt color
spaces if the result might go to many different printers, profiles

> As for the other things...
> Modern Photographic work also relies on a higher bit depth. Photoshop is able
> to process raw camera input as opposed to GIMP which has to first convert it
> to 8-bit before being able to work on the image.

Some of these are true, and GIMP is working towards lifting some of
these limitations by migrating to GEGL.

> There are also various selection tools, color adjustment tools and retouching
> tools (such as the healing brush) that work better in Photoshop.

These concepts do transfer to GIMP, and if one is generally empowering
students with the ability to do manipulation on images.. teaching them
how to do it with GIMP gives them both a skill and an option of a tool
they can use without a fee; as well as have the freedom to improve in
the other ways free software does. Pointing out that some things work
better in Photoshop doesn't seem constructive in this discussion.

/Øyvind Kolås
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