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> These concepts do transfer to GIMP, and if one is generally empowering
> students with the ability to do manipulation on images.. teaching them
> how to do it with GIMP gives them both a skill and an option of a tool
> they can use without a fee; as well as have the freedom to improve in
> the other ways free software does. Pointing out that some things work
> better in Photoshop doesn't seem constructive in this discussion.

You are forgetting what the discussion is about, I think :-)
The original poster asked, among other things, for examples of GIMP being used
for photo-retouching in the real world. I replied that perhaps it was better 
to look for places that use GIMP for video game art creation, and mentioned
some reasons why GIMP isn't, to the best of my knowledge, used by photo
retouching professionals. I did not intend to discourage the teaching of GIMP,
only to point the OP in a direction where they are more likely to find a real
professional who uses GIMP. It is, as you said, completely possible to teach
the basic skills using GIMP. But "photo retouching" isn't the only thing GIMP
can do, and I don't see why the need to focus on it. What about web graphics?
digital painting? Texture art? I'm sure the artists who worked on Sintel would
amaze the students with their Gimping skills. 

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