On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 8:00 PM, Bogdan Szczurek <thebod...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I've got a dream about visual editing program consisting of
>> > different components, each taking care of one of presentation
>> > aspects with one underlaying rendering engine (target aware
>> > angine—I don't like cairo's “I don't care what's on the end”
>> > attitude ;)).
>> It's what we, utter geeks, call a framework :)
> That adds +10 to "coolness" but don't let everybody know ;)
>> Deneba/ACD Canvas was an attempt to create such one, but it was done
>> on top of software started in mid 80s. Sometimes a whole week passes
>> when I don't wake up in cold sweat seeing it in my dreams.
> Funny stuff… :). But seriously, sometimes it's good for somebody to try
> a thing that didn't work out last time. Because of that stubborness
> we're able to fly by airplanes nowadays ;).
> I consider idea of one flexible uberapp much more sensible and
> appealing than implementing wee bit of “alien world” in different
> apps—just seems half-solution for me.

So do I,. and a "framework" that can make something like that happen
is called GEGL ;)


Buried in history of the GEGL repo is a GTK+ based UI with at various
revisions both freehand painting with simple dynamics, as well as..
node based both bezier and spiro curve editing bits, integrated with
generic layer filters and more.. it is/was not really that much code,
but it was sloppy code thrown together with left-over pieces from a
video editor.

I am from time to time toying with resurrecting that project as a
minimal thing show-casing what is possible to achieve. If I do get
around to do that I would probably avoid doing it with C though, so it
would be a complete rewrite and not really a resurrection.

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