Am 08.03.2011 21:07, schrieb Bogdan Szczurek:
>> I really miss some basic vector functionality in Gimp. In my last
>> works i used Inkscape and Gimp together. Drawing sharp outlines in
>> Inkscape, exporting them to PNG and imported them into Gimp again, to
>> work with brushes and colors. Basically i used Inkscape to create
>> Alpha-Layers for accurate strokes. The exporting and importing was
>> some kind of pain. Just the ability to create basic shapes (Bezier
>> contours), would be a great improvement. It doesn't need to provide
>> anything. But it should be as simple as the Polygon-Tool and the
>> Node-Tool from Inkscape. That would basically all i would need.
>> Opening Inkscape, drawing a simple Shape (outline), exporting it,
>> importing it and then fill it in Gimp is not a comfortable way.
> Skippping back and forth from Inkscape to GIMP doesn't sound good to me
> either, but wasn't existing “path” tool sufficient in your case? Don't
> get me wrong, I'm just trying to understand the task you were up to do.
> My best!
> thebodzio
At first i have to note, that the usage of the current path tool in Gimp 
is a pain. Its really hard, needlessly complicated  to work with. The 
behavior of Inkscape is way superior, even if it is not perfect. Also it 
is hard to manage multiple paths at once. I won't say that Gimp is 
missing a feature you could use for the same things, but i just don't 
want to use it, since it takes me longer to work with it as Skipping 
back and forth between Inkscape and Gimp... (not a good sign for useability)
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