Hello all,

I would like to make a request if I may for the keyboard shortcut, the key that 
corresponds to the underlined letter, for the Don't Save button in Save/Save As 
dialogs to be standardised, preferrably to the "d" key. At present, this is 
inconsistent, in some instances the key is "n".

Some time ago I successfully edited the source files for version 2.6.11 to this 
effect, but after compiling and installing the program a number of issues arose 
that weren't present when using a binary from a repository, so I don't plan on 
compiling again if I can avoid it. As far as I remember, it's a small change, 
be made in one or two of the files containing interface strings or settings.

Here's hoping we can all agree that "d" should be the key, and some kind soul 
implements the change.

Thanks for all your good work and best wishes with the coding.


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