We would like to announce the availability of the initial release of 
AdaptableGIMP, a modified version of GIMP that integrates new social, 
community-based customization features into the application. The project 
page and software can be found at:


This initial release is available in source code form only. Binaries 
will follow.

AdaptableGIMP introduces a new way of interacting with software: Rather 
than hunting through menus to find commands, users simply enter what 
they wish to accomplish in a search box. As they type, a list of 
interface customizations appears. These customizations---what we call 
"task sets"---streamline the interface by putting every tool and command 
necessary to accomplish a task in one, centralized location.

Task set customizations can be created by any user, and are instantly 
shared with the rest of the user community. Wiki-based documentation 
accompanies each task set, enabling users to pair tutorials and 
"how-to's" with the customizations they create.

AdaptableGIMP is the result of ongoing research by members of the 
University of Waterloo's Human Computer Interaction Lab. It is directly 
informed by our previous project, ingimp, in which we collected over 2 
years' worth of data describing how people use GIMP. Like ingimp, 
AdaptableGIMP collects data about how it is used in practice, to help us 
continue to research new and innovative user interfaces.

Feedback about the project and its goals is welcome and can be emailed 
to the project at the address found below.

Michael Terry and Ben Lafreniere
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