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> > It seems most promising!
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> What seems promising ?!
> Best not to cut off whatever it was that you are replying to . I
> don't want to have to go and search and online ML archive just to
> find out what you comment relates to.
> ;)

That: :)

> We would like to announce the availability of the initial release of 
> AdaptableGIMP, a modified version of GIMP that integrates new social, 
> community-based customization features into the application. The
> project page and software can be found at:
> http://www.adaptablegimp.org
> This initial release is available in source code form only. Binaries 
> will follow.
> AdaptableGIMP introduces a new way of interacting with software:
> Rather than hunting through menus to find commands, users simply
> enter what they wish to accomplish in a search box. As they type, a
> list of interface customizations appears. These customizations---what
> we call "task sets"---streamline the interface by putting every tool
> and command necessary to accomplish a task in one, centralized
> location.
> Task set customizations can be created by any user, and are instantly 
> shared with the rest of the user community. Wiki-based documentation 
> accompanies each task set, enabling users to pair tutorials and 
> "how-to's" with the customizations they create.
> AdaptableGIMP is the result of ongoing research by members of the 
> University of Waterloo's Human Computer Interaction Lab. It is
> directly informed by our previous project, ingimp, in which we
> collected over 2 years' worth of data describing how people use GIMP.
> Like ingimp, AdaptableGIMP collects data about how it is used in
> practice, to help us continue to research new and innovative user
> interfaces.
> Feedback about the project and its goals is welcome and can be
> emailed to the project at the address found below.
> Michael Terry and Ben Lafreniere
> adaptableg...@cs.uwaterloo.ca

Oh, gee… ;)

I found that announcement “most promising” :)

Best regards!

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