Hi everyone,

As you all know, getting 2.8 out is highest priority right now. There 
are however some things that we want to fix before we make a 3.0 
release. Thus, we must plan for a 2.10 release.

I have updated our milestones in bugzilla with this. After the update, 
there are only 7 bugs on the 2.8 milestone:

   642728  - "Function `gdk_gc_new' implicitly converted to pointer"
             causes build failure
   631766  - Bad performance when moving brush outline on canvas
   612931  - Moving individual layer in layer group not possible with
             Move Tool
   603848  - Single-window mode is not properly session managed yet
   600554  - Implement layer group transforms
   596410  - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files
   51112   - clipping groups or masking groups (like in Photoshop files)

Let's focus our efforts and smash these last bugs so we can make a 2.8 
release as soon as possible.

To see what we should fix for the 2.10 release, refer to the 2.10 
milestone and our roadmap:

2.10 milestone:


  / Martin


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