Thanks, Bill. That makes sense. Let's see if I understand this correctly:

app/core/gimpimage.c defines the function gimp_image_parasite_list, 
which actually implements the functionality of getting a list of parasites.

libgimp/gimpimage.c also defines a function called 
gimp_image_parasite_list, which tries to retrieve a list of parasites; 
this is what should be used by the plugins. However, this function tries 
to call a function called gimp_image_get_parasite_list, which doesn't 
exist. Hence the "undefined references" I'm getting.

tools/pdbgen/pdb/image.pdb defines a function called 
gimp_image_get_parasite_list, which calls the function 
gimp_image_parasite_list. I assume this is supposed to reference the 
version in app/core/gimpimage.c

The thing I don't understand is how this can possibly compile at all? 
I'm only getting the errors if I add functions to image.pdb. If I leave 
image.pdb as it comes from git, everything compiles.

The other thing I'm not sure about is whether the code I described above 
can even work. Can there be functions with the same name defined in 
app/core, in libgimp, and in pdb?


On 03/13/2011 12:24 PM, Bill Skaggs wrote:
> Pdbgen is part of the gimp application core.  Libgimp is an interface 
> library designed to
> be used by plug-ins -- it is not and cannot be used inside the core.  
> The functions that
> can be used inside the core are documented at 
> .
> In many cases they correspond pretty closely to libgimp functions, but 
> the function names
> are sometimes different, and the arguments are almost always different.
>   -- Bill
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