On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 06:10:33AM +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 03/15/2011 08:47 PM, Charlie De wrote:
> > Why?? Rupert Weber finished this last September and you promised it would 
> > be in
> > 2.8. Is this how you show respect for the most stellar effort by a new 
> > talent?
> > Shame, truly, shame on you. It's now been 5 years since the issue was first
> > reported, you're going to add another year even though the work is done. 
> > That
> > is, if you don't break your promise again. Where's your integrity?
> If we never make releases, we won't get new contributors either. We 
> really need to make a release ASAP, and we simply don't have time to fix 
> this before the 2.8 release. In modern software development, 
> uncomfortable decisions like this sometimes needs to be made. I am sorry 
> that it upsets you.
you "took the time" to make tabs expand with the names of the dialog which the
tab belonged to.

you also spend a lot of time repairing a script-fu for which a tool already 
worked fine for -- a script-fu which might better have been rewritten to use
the current tool.

other bugs don't get closed after patches are applied.

i mention these things because you have access and except for the closing bugs
problem, these are the things that you have done in the last year or so.

martin, if in, oh, lets say 3 days, March 18, 2011 the majority of your list
items are not commited, perhaps you should consider stepping aside.  "releases"
don't attract developers.  look at the history!  gimp-1.0 - gimp-1.2, 1997 thru
2000.  lots of contributors, lots of development, lots of ideas, lots of bug
fixing.  it was a lot of fun.

"buildbot" nightlies seem to have attracted "mitch" who has been working on 
things consistently and changes to the italian po files.

gimp has been stable enough to run the unstable version (with an exception for 
the current layer groups and a problem with painting since the end of last 
September) for years and years now.

sometimes, you gotta quit -- and see if that helps things.  i sure didn't like
what was going on, i needed to be forced to quit.  so, okay fine, i quit for 
more than two years, maybe more than three and you know what?  the problem
wasn't me because all of the things that i did not like persisted and there
was no improvement in involvement -- in fact, involvement (especially by 
people who can fix bugs and have some knowlege of gimps innards) dropped off.

i cannot force you to quit the way i was forced to quit.  i can only ask you to
consider this and also that before you quit, that you removed the buildbot 
stuff from gimp's source and put it into eh, lets say buildbots source on the
same server.  that way, other projects can become rejuvinated with buildbot
product the way that gimp has been.  i was told that it was a gnome project


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