Martin, with all due respect, your focus in releasing 2.8 ASAP should be on 
integrating fixes that are completed, not battling to bring in new 
such as layer groups. What's the point of layer groups if the layer transfer 
modes don't work correctly? More important than that is that a promise is being 
broken - a promise made to an excellent new talent who came out of nowhere and 
worked and behaved to the highest standard. The least you could do to encourage 
his further participation is to fulfill your part of the bargain and let his 
work see the light of day in the 2.8 release. In preference to layer groups, 
which could wait till 2.10.

My criticism is for the whole team involved in these decisions, I don't wish to 
single out Martin or ask anyone to quit.


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> On 03/15/2011 08:47 PM, Charlie De wrote:
> > Why?? Rupert Weber finished  this last September and you promised it would 
> > be 
> > 2.8. Is this how you  show respect for the most stellar effort by a new 
> > Shame, truly,  shame on you. It's now been 5 years since the issue was first
> > reported,  you're going to add another year even though the work is done. 
> > is,  if you don't break your promise again. Where's your integrity?
> If we  never make releases, we won't get new contributors either. We 
> really need to  make a release ASAP, and we simply don't have time to fix 
> this before the  2.8 release. In modern software development, 
> uncomfortable decisions like  this sometimes needs to be made. I am sorry 
> that it upsets  you.
>   / Martin
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