2011/3/16 Carol Spears <ca...@gimp.org>:
> martin, if in, oh, lets say 3 days, March 18, 2011 the majority of your list
> items are not commited, perhaps you should consider stepping aside.  
> "releases"
> don't attract developers.  look at the history!  gimp-1.0 - gimp-1.2, 1997 
> thru
> 2000.  lots of contributors, lots of development, lots of ideas, lots of bug
> fixing.  it was a lot of fun.
> sometimes, you gotta quit -- and see if that helps things.  i sure didn't like
> what was going on, i needed to be forced to quit.  so, okay fine, i quit for
> more than two years, maybe more than three and you know what?  the problem
> wasn't me because all of the things that i did not like persisted and there
> was no improvement in involvement -- in fact, involvement (especially by
> people who can fix bugs and have some knowlege of gimps innards) dropped off.
> i cannot force you to quit the way i was forced to quit.  i can only ask you 
> to
> consider this and also that before you quit, that you removed the buildbot
> stuff from gimp's source and put it into eh, lets say buildbots source on the
> same server.  that way, other projects can become rejuvinated with buildbot
> product the way that gimp has been.  i was told that it was a gnome project
> afterall...

Hi Carol,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I will quit when the majority of
contributing members of the GIMP community wants me to quit.



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