2011/3/16 Charlie De <charlieco...@yahoo.com>:
> Martin, with all due respect, your focus in releasing 2.8 ASAP should be on
> integrating fixes that are completed, not battling to bring in new 
> functionality
> such as layer groups. What's the point of layer groups if the layer transfer
> modes don't work correctly? More important than that is that a promise is 
> being
> broken - a promise made to an excellent new talent who came out of nowhere and
> worked and behaved to the highest standard. The least you could do to 
> encourage
> his further participation is to fulfill your part of the bargain and let his
> work see the light of day in the 2.8 release. In preference to layer groups,
> which could wait till 2.10.
> My criticism is for the whole team involved in these decisions, I don't wish 
> to
> single out Martin or ask anyone to quit.

Layer groups are already in 2.8, but we can't release 2.8 without
fixing some things that users will expect to work and that must work,
for example layer masks on a layer group. In other words, this is not
about bringing in some new features not including others, it is about
bringing our git master branch to a state where there are no
incomplete features on it. Avoiding incomplete features on the master
branch is crucial if we want to get in control of our currently very
long development cycles.

And regarding the patch itself: It is not quite as easy as just
commiting what we have now and be done with it. Before we can commit a
patch like this, it needs thorough review of experienced developers.
And by my standards, the patch also needs to come with a test case
that verifies that it works, and that it keeps working. So, there is a
substantial amount of work left before that bug report can be closed
as fixed.

It was more than 3 years ago we made a stable release. Just as you
point out, we must stop bringing in new features, finish work in
progress, and make a release.



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