Could you please demonstrate your sincerity by escalating the 'bug' to 
It would demonstrate commitment to really having this in 2.10, rather than just 
'looking at it'. I think you owe it to the developer to make that gesture at 
very least.

Good luck with all the work toward 2.8 now, the efforts of the dev team are 


> And regarding the patch itself: It is  not quite as easy as just
> commiting what we have now and be done with it.  Before we can commit a
> patch like this, it needs thorough review of  experienced developers.
> And by my standards, the patch also needs to come  with a test case
> that verifies that it works, and that it keeps working. So,  there is a
> substantial amount of work left before that bug report can be  closed
> as fixed.
> It was more than 3 years ago we made a stable  release. Just as you
> point out, we must stop bringing in new features, finish  work in
> progress, and make a release.
> Regards,
> Martin

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