Charlie De ( wrote:
> Could you please demonstrate your sincerity by escalating the 'bug' to
> critical? It would demonstrate commitment to really having this in
> 2.10, rather than just 'looking at it'. I think you owe it to the
> developer to make that gesture at the very least.

"critical" in Bugzilla has a specific meaning: It means that the bug can
cause the application to crash and cause e.g. data loss.

There is the target milestone for the purpose of indicating in which
version this is supposed to be fixed, but this already is set to 2.10.

Bugzilla is a tool to manage bug reports and/or accepted feature
requests, and we try to use it as such. Overloading random bug
attributes with different meanings does not help here.

Bugzilla is not a tool to demonstrate commitment or to fulfil other
social purposes. I think it would be the wrong place.

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