If I understand correctly...

You don't want to apply patch with serious functionality, because
stable release is coming and there is no time for that.

At the same time I noticed incorrect behaviour of UI
(https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=643155) which happeneded
month ago, and which will affect anyone who uses color picker in
curves with different WM than the one which was tested by default. Am
I right that stable Gimp release will contain this regression, because
there will be no time to fix it?
(this is just an example, because I found this bug, but I suspect
there are more noticed by other people)

So... patch with new funtionality will not be commited to trunk, but
patch which broken basic functionality was commited month ago.

I know nothing about politics and fights between Gimp developers, I
just want to understand the development process (I use Gimp almost
everyday, so it's very important to me). I am also willing to donate
my free time to this project (as a developer), but reading this forum
(complexity of development process, not fights) holds me back.
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