Hi All,

    We are Bhavya Agarwal and Kumar Harsh and we are currently pursuing our
undergrad degree from
LNM IIT, Jaipur, India.

    We have a strong background in C/C++ and have been working with OpenCV
for about 2 years.
We also have experience in GUI Designing using tools such as WPF and Qt.
we have had a lot of experience in Web Designing using HTML-CSS-JavaScript
and PHP.

    Currently, we are engaged in a research internship in The Netherlands in
the same field
as required in the project, as we are working on designing a professional
software for DICOM
image retrieval, display, annotation and interactive segmentation.

    Some of our earlier projects have been :

   - "The Invisible Mouse" (Binding Mouse Motion to Hand motion)
   - "Force field Separator" (Separating two blobs in a binary image by
   calculating the force between them).

    Thus, we also have done some work in Image Segmentation and Object
Tracking, and have also
Implemented a few machine learning algorithms like Neural Networks and
Support Vector Machines.
We are currently working with CUDA to accelerate the algorithms.

    We can work on the project like *Slicing Tool* or *Implement the free
transform tool *. Alternately, it would also
be great if anyone can mentor us in some other project such as -* *

   - *DICOM support for GIMP*
   - *Accelerating GEGL Algorithms*.

Best Regards,

- - - - - - -
*Bhavya Agarwal & Kumar Harsh*
B.Tech, 3rd Year
The LNM Institute of Information Technology
Jaipur, INDIA

Working @ SenoCAD Research
Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Email bhavya.6...@gmail.com

Phone +31 68530 7596 (Bhavya)

      +31 68530 7595 (Harsh)
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