I recently wrote a program to handle copy/paste of text and images using 
X11 for Linux. Most things are working nicely, I can copy an image to 
the clipboard and sucessfully retrieve it and I can paste images copied 
from other programs.

My problem however is that if I use my program (xcsi) to copy an image, 
then I can't paste it into Gimp (not Inkscape either).

My program logs all selection requests made by other programs, and I can 
see that Gimp requests the TARGETS selection from my program several 
times. The paste option is not grayed out in Gimp after copying an image 
with my program, but Gimp never makes a request for image/bmp or 
image/png when my program offers it.

Can someone help explain how Gimp handles pasting and how I might get 
this working please? At first I thought it was a problem with Gimp 
because it never requests the image, but copying from Firefox and 
pasting into Gimp works, so maybe it's something I'm doing wrong then.

The source code from my latest version of the program is here on an 
Allegro forum thread :

Using openSUSE 11.3, and Gimp version 2.6.8-6.1.

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