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> I am familiar with this opinion. I don't want to continue offtopic
> discussion in this thread, so I just give one example: curves. You can
> get more interesting retouch when using curves in CMYK and in LAB and
> in RGB than using only RGB curves.

LAB curves are fine. Transparent work in LAB makes sense, but the
prerequisite is still GIMP 3.0 with high bit depth precision,
otherwise you still lose color data due to rounding errors in 8bpc

Reference 1: http://brucelindbloom.com/index.html?RGB16Million.html
Reference 2: http://bit.ly/gIjQUh

> You can get more data from shadows
> by using K curve in CMYK for instance.

Oh come on. K curve is simply not the only and even not the best way
to work on various tonal ranges selectively. Check out zone system
implementation in both commercial LightZone and free-as-in-speech

Alexandre Prokoudine
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