I am Mariya Zaman from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.I
am a 3rd year student of Computer Science and Engineering.I want to
participate in GSoC 2011.

I found nice GIMP ideas .I was a little bit familiar with GIMP.I spent last
few days to gain more knowledge.UI related development ideas are really
interesting.Now I specially concentrate on the idea "*Implementing the free
transform tool".*
There are some reasons of my interest in GIMP ideas.As:

*1*.I have studied graphics recently.Transformation terms as
shear,scale,projection,rotation etc attracted me.

*2*.I love mathematics specially geometry and algorithms(mainly graph

*3*.C is my first and most favorite programming language.For any project or
academic work I always try to do in C or C++.

*Past Experience:*

1. My first project was "*Air Fighter*" game in C where transformation ideas
are very common.

2.Recently I have done three OpenGl projects in C++.The projects were
*a) **Moses Mabhida* Stadium( a beautiful FIFA 2010 stadium) with full
day-night lighting,texturing etc.
*b)* A ray tracing project.
*c)* A flower garden with butterfly.
In these projects the transformation concepts were essential.

3.My other project were in Java,J2ME,C# ,PHP(I am not writing about those as
these language are not relevant).

4.I worked in Linux,Ubuntu and surely in Windows platform.Some of my Linux
environment works are assembly projects,NS2 simulation, Nachos project(as:
system call implementation in Linux kernel),Shell scripting etc.

I studied GIMP present transformation facilities,ideas and related links.If
you please inform some details what you want to implement in this
project specifically or give some deep ideas,it will help me in further

Mariya Zaman.
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