The next GIMP Developer Meeting will take place in the GIMP IRC on
March 28th 2011, 10:00 PM CET (For time zone conversions, see
Thee meeting page is up and running on

Our agenda is quite small this time, so unless someone has more
topics, it will be really short this time :)

*** GSoC Student Applications ***
Official GSoC applications should start coming in on march 28 19:00
utc - that's 2 hours before the meeting should begin. Also, we already
have student applications on the mailing list. Some suggestions were
made on putting minimal student requirements (not sure how practical
this is) and some suggested creating some quick start guides for new
developers. Do we want to do anything to get students started? BTW,
such content should be placed on the developer wiki!

Also regarding GSoC, not sure really which rating of ideas should
happen, by whom and when, but discussing it should be done or decided
on. For obvious reason, the writer of these lines (who applies for
GSoC himself) will not participate in that part of the discussion.

*** Optional topic: Re-Discussing GIMP's programming language ***
Some developers that weren't present in the last meeting, highly
disagree on the attempt to introduce vala into gimp, claiming that it
will scare off developers (more than the "simple" C GObject code).

*** Other topics ***
Any other suggestions should be suggested by replying to this email,
or adding it directly to the wiki (if you have permissions to edit the

See you there,
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