I am Ravi Bhushan and i am pursuing undergraduate degree from The
LNM IIT (India). I am planning to participate in GSoC 2011 and after
browsing many ideas, I find the idea entitled "Implementing Transform
Tools in GIMP" which is most appealing. My areas of interest are Image
Processing and Pattern recognition.

 After going through this idea, it is clear that I have to implement
all the affine transformations on the transformation frame(may be all
on a single frame or one at a time) and there should be a facility of
undoing all the transformation and coming back to the original frame.

 I have a strong background in C and I have implemented some of  the
transformation mentioned in this idea using openCV library and in this
project I  have to use GIMP Library. I have already read library of
GIMP and added a plugin into already installed GIMP.

 Also, I have good idea of designing GUI with tools like GTk and Qt.

 I am eager to implement this plugin.


Undergraduate Final Year,
Computer Engineering,
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