Hi ,

I‘m Zhang Jie. As a student  in ZheJiang university, my research
interests are in graphical image processing. I'm very interested
in the Replace the GimpSizeEntry widget proposed by GIMP
at GSoC 2011.

This is the second year of my Master study period. I'd like to join the open
As a Lab project, I had written a plug-in for photoshop.
I'm familiar with Gtk+, and C is a Regular language in my program.

Here is my understanding about the project, I want to change the widget as
In the input box, people can enter numbers and some limited operational
symbol such as +, -,*,/.
Also some strings like "px", "pixel", "cm“ are all  permitted.Then width and
herght will be calculated
into the same units, cm or px . Results will be showed below the input  box

Let k be the ppi, m the cm, n the px. Then the formula is
m = n / k × 2.54
n = m × k / 2.54

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to any further discussion!

zhang jie
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