I am a 2nd year student of the department of Computer Science and
Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur ,and  I am
interested in the plugin for cartoonization of an image in GIMP.
   I have begun to use GIMP some years ago for image editing in ubuntu os
(as a substitute of photoshop ), but I’m currently using it for my project
on algorithmic art, so this would be a huge opportunity to be able to
participate in GSoC.
   So for the algorithm to implement this plugin, i thought that we need to
do this in a step by step manner, like first blur the image to remove noise
from it, then improve the clearness of the outline with some threshold,
detect the main outlines and then finally fill the regions inside those main
borders by picking up an suitable color by comparing it with the original
   As per as the current cartoonization plugin of the Gimp is concerned,the
mask radius option can be used to determine the degree of the blurriness,
and  the percentage black option as to choose the value of upper and lower
threshold. Besides there should be options like choosing the scale of the
transformation user want to use to cartoonize an image, etc.

Sourav De
2nd Year Student
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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