Hi Austin,

This sounds pretty neat. I believe that since gimp still has certain
tools in which one can undo the individual steps of that tool till one
changes the tool, so I believe that there would already be a good
enough infra tour for this.

Still any ideas who might be a good person to discuss my ideas
regarding the ui. The specification for the unified transform tool
seem to be added on wiki by guiguru, any idea if he is on the mailing


On Monday, March 28, 2011, Austin Donnelly -- yahoo
<austin_donne...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I did the last major changes to the undo system, to support the Undo History
> dialog.
> When I last looked, there was only a single stack of undo actions.  Some of
> those actions are special "start undo group" and "end undo group" markers:
> think of them as brackets ( ) around the individual operations.  If you have
> an undo stack:
> A B (C D) E
> older <-  newer
> Then when you undo the ) operation, it undoes D, then C, then hits ( so it
> pops that an stops.
> It would be fairly straightforwards to modify the logic to handle the case
> when you don't have a closed undo group:
> A B (C D
> In fact, the code might already do this.
> The main problem is that there is no user-accessible way to start a group
> without also closing it.  Mostly, groups are used for running plugins or
> other composite commands.
> Good luck!
> Austin
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>> David,
>> Thanks for the reply, but in the case of undo group, are the sub
>> components of that group still saved individually in some sort of
>> stack or are there different stacks for the group, and one general stack
> for all the groups.
>> Also, it would be great if you could point me to the code where it is
>> happening.
> I have no idea about how the implementation works internally :)
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