Hi, I'm Noremac. I'm currently a CS grad student at BYU working in the image
processing lab here on campus. My thesis is going to be focused on
extracting information (OCR) from non-document images. I worked in the
corporate world for a few years before coming back to get my masters. I've
been wanting to get involved with GIMP and this seems to be a good time to
do it.

For my project I propose creating an EXIF/xmp viewer/editor. I feel that
this would be very beneficial as I once struggled to find something such as
the geotagging information. All I have now is a command line program (exif)
or a library to get the info in code (libexif). An easy interface integrated
into an image editing application makes sense. This information is becoming
much more common as well due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices
with cameras. The current solutions I've found are not intuitive and really
not available to the common user.

I am very interested in feedback  on this since I'm coming in new to GIMP.
Of course, I'm also interested in a mentor.

I originally had been considering proposing a project in regards to computer
vision (along the lines of my thesis). If the previous proposal falls though
I wish to propose a project for a GEGL plugin to extract text from an image.
Thoughts on this?

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