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Liquid scaling is beautiful technology, but differs from fractal scaling
pretty much.
The fractal image scaling is based upon an Fractal compression algorythm and
a functional analisys.
In the fractal compression algorythm we propose that our image is fixed
point of contractive affine transformations. Such system of the affine
transformations is called Iterated function system (IFS). We build the IFS
based upon our image. Then, to get our image we should take any starting
point (any image for example) and apply the IFS many times. As the result we
get our image. That's interesting, that the IFS don't know about image
resolution, and we can take an big resolution image as the starting point.
This way of image scaling is noted by Stephen Welstead in his book "Fractal
and Wavelet Image Compression Techniques" (Chapter 3, 3.6. Resolution

If it is not good approach, could you offer me another task related to image
processing research field?

Regards, Alexander Beloborodov.
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