Hello, everybody.
I have a quite simple proposal for this year GSoC: make a nice editor
for GEGL pipelines.

Why do we need it: because the GEGL eats XML files. GIMP could eat
them too. It would introduce much greater reusability in the work of

Who will use it: graphic designers (who else? :p). The concept of GEGL
operations is sufficiently simple to be used even by casual users.

How it could be used: GIMP could show a list of GEGL XML files that
can be applied to current layer. Very similar to how the filters are
exposed right now. The editor itself could be located in GIMP (I would
like that :) ) or as a separate program.

I have been generating various content on this topic for around a year
and made a few concepts. Their code is packed at
stud.ics.p.lodz.pl/~mafik/prototypes.tar.bz2 (contains a few interface
ideas) (bother to look only if
you want to deal with lots of unfinished code). I have made a sample
here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEm9M2O6xC0 (second part shows
much better, what I am thinking about).

There are many areas where the idea could be clarified, but the
concept should be clear.

Request for comment:
- what do you think of the whole idea? Would it be useful or not?
- should it be merged with GIMP or work standalone (or both :) )?
- is Vala mature enough to use it as the main language?
  (I'm asking because I saw some discussions about it recently on this list)
- what gui toolkit would be appropiate? GTK or Clutter?
  (I fell in love with clutter, but there may be reasons not to use it
for such program)

Other ideas:
- shebang at the beginning of the GEGL XML - drop files on the script
and get them processed
- automatically generate GtkBuilder XML for marked parameters of GEGL
operations - could
be used to display filter-like dialogs of arbitrary GEGL pipelines.

PS. (note to GSoC mentors) I would like to take part in this year
GSoC. If you encounter my submission, take it under considerations
only under this idea (if it passes, of course).

Marek Rogalski
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