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> Hello, everybody.
> I have a quite simple proposal for this year GSoC: make a nice editor
> for GEGL pipelines.
> Why do we need it: because the GEGL eats XML files. GIMP could eat
> them too. It would introduce much greater reusability in the work of
> designers.
> Who will use it: graphic designers (who else? :p). The concept of GEGL
> operations is sufficiently simple to be used even by casual users.
> How it could be used: GIMP could show a list of GEGL XML files that
> can be applied to current layer. Very similar to how the filters are
> exposed right now. The editor itself could be located in GIMP (I would
> like that :) ) or as a separate program.

The meta-operations should be loaded from XML definitions and not
defined in C, allowing such an editor to program composite filters,
that effectively will replace many of the current uses of script-fu in
GIMP. For instance the logo scripts and quite a few other such scripts
should be possible to easily reimplement as meta-ops visually with
such an editor in place.

See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=465743 for a bug
tracking the long standing desire to load these ops from XML instead
of hard-coding them in C.

> Request for comment:
> - what do you think of the whole idea? Would it be useful or not?

It would defintely be useful.

> - should it be merged with GIMP or work standalone (or both :) )?

Making it work stand-alone first is probably best, a stand alone tool
would also allow easier testing of GEGL operations (GEGL used to ship
with a tree based editor UI sandbox
(http://pippin.gimp.org/tmp/gegl-foo/) that I removed since the code
was scraped from somewhere else and rather ad-hoc.) If a good graph
editor surfaces, GIMP might be interested in incorporating portions of
it in some way, but it would defintely be useful on its own as well.

> - what gui toolkit would be appropiate? GTK or Clutter?
>  (I fell in love with clutter, but there may be reasons not to use it
> for such program)

If the program is stand-alone, the choice would be up to the implementor ;)

> Other ideas:
> - shebang at the beginning of the GEGL XML - drop files on the script
> and get them processed
> - automatically generate GtkBuilder XML for marked parameters of GEGL
> operations - could
> be used to display filter-like dialogs of arbitrary GEGL pipelines.

Generting XML is not neccesary, both the GEGL tool in GIMP and the
sandbox I linked to were generating their property editors on the fly
based on inspecting the GParamSpecs. Going through GtkBuilder XML
might not neccesarily be easier than building the UIs only in code.

/Øyvind K.
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