Den 3 apr 2011 23:46 skrev "Łukasz Czerwiński" <>:
> I'd like to suggest time profiling as another task to be done before the 
> release. Once I started to optimize Gimp's startup time (especially scheme 
> interpreter) and I'd like to return to that task in the near future (when I 
> find at last some time for it :) ). What do you think about it?
> Łukasz

Improved startup-time is a nice-to-have, but hardly a must-have,
especially since our startup-time is not awfully bad. Most of the
things on our roadmap [1] is more important than improved startup
time. From a GIMP project point if view, it would be better if you
worked on items on the roadmap instead. But you are of course free to
work on whatever you want. We're not going to ignore a high-quality
patch that improves startup time.




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