Hello Gimp developers,

I'm currently applying for the GimpSizeEntry widget for SummerOfCode. To
keep my application short and allow further discussion and feedback, I've
decided to post the detailed description of my proposal on the mailing list
instead of in the application itself. My application will contain a link to
this mail.


PS. this time hopefully in human-readable formatting, sorry for the first


Detailed description:

I will describe briefly the issues of the current implementation of the
GimpSizeEntry widget and how I suggest to address them:

Currently, the unit is selected through an external combo box. The new
GimpSizeEntry will not have that external combo box. Instead, the unit is
entered directly into the text entry. The input will then be evaluated
making use of the existing parser (gimpeevl.c) which will allow input of
simple mathematical terms and sizes in different units (for example "1024px
+ 2 in"). The result including the unit will then be displayed in the text
entry. The unit will be defined through either the entered unit or context
sensitive: When there is no unit entered, the previous unit is assumed, or
the unit of a related SizeEntry.

The second issue is size and flexibility. Being based on GtkTable, the
current solution consumes too much space and is not flexible enough. The new
GimpSizeEntry will be based on GtkEntry. It will have the necessary
interfaces to work together with other SizeEntries or elements such as
GimpChainButtons or preview labels. This allows adjusting the SizeEntry for
every use case: be it the use in the new image dialog or in the settings of
a tool, with or without a button to fix aspect ratio etc. while still having
the possibility to make it as compact as possible wherever screen space
needs to be conserved.

I even imagine the use of just a single GimpSizeEntry for input of height
and width together (in the form of “1024x768 px”). That would especially be
useful in the tool’s settings, where space needs to be conserved. For
example the Scale tool: We now have a pop-up with basically only a
GimpSizeEntry and Ok/Cancel buttons. Having just a single entry field would
allow to move that into the settings and not having to use the pop-up.
Designing the new GimpSizeEntry with that flexibility in mind would make it
easy to extend it that way. There might be not enough time in the scope of
Summer of Code, but I’d be happy to continue developing afterwards to ensure
Gimp gets the most out of the new GimpSizeEntry widget.
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