I've been working on a series of animation plugins scripts for GIMP that I 
would like to expand for GSoC. 
If anyone would be willing to mentor I would be very excited about doing this 
project. Any feedback about my proposal would also be greatly appreciated

Here is a piece of animation I have created with some of the plugin I've 
scripted so far. 


open and use 'playback' to see animation.


The Gimp GsoC Proposal

“Traditional 2d Animation Package”
by Benjamin Donoghue, Mar 2011


I am currently a 2D Animation Student
and work traditionally on paper. More and more animators are using
digital tools for inking and colouring but there is yet a software
that emulates the way we animate on paper. 

This plugin will create a cheap and
quick alternative to animating on paper. This will allow Professional
Animators to hone their skills whilst maintaining the same skill base
and workflow.
It will also allow Educational
Institutes to use Gimp as a free software to teach 2D animation with
little set-up. 

Along side this I would like to create
an animation community with easy to follow tutorials and peer to peer
feedback to allow animators of all abilities to develop. 

Plugin aim

To be an Animation package specific for
traditional 2d animators, students and enthusiasts that can be used
as both an educational tool and within professional 2D Pipelines
emulating animating with paper and a lightbox whilst streamlining the

(this in no way is meant as a
replacement for GAP but as a strip down and extension) 

Core goals of

Treat layers as pieces of
        animation paper

Change timing and reorder frames

Onion skin and “scroll”
        through layers

'Line test' animation via playback

Allow separate rough line, clean
        up and colour layers that can be composited together for playback
        Create scene information panel

Export frames based on timing for
        use in proffessional pipelines

Export animations as video files
        usable on websites ie youtube / vimeo

Create easy to use UI

Implement along side GAP

Some of the above have already been
implemented but as yet not together in a unified (and simplified) way
directed specifically at 2D animation.  

About myself

I will be graduating this summer from
Ba(Hons) Animation Production in the UK. 

I have a thorough knowledge of both 2D
animation principles and proffesional pipelines and feel this plugin
would have strong use within the 2D animation community. 

I have a background in maths and
understand the core concepts within coding. I have written tests
scripts in Scheme that are working and I have create successful
animations using them. 

If it were more appropriate to code
this in another language I would be very happy to dedicate my summer
to learning it and coding this plugin with GsoC. 

I am currently using my test scripts in
a graduate 2 minutes short animation and are already being used by
other students. 

I would greatly appreciate any

Many thanks,Benjamin

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