houghi wrote:
> As these were scripts that were provided by my distro, I assume they are
> somewhat 'standard' for GIMP. To know there are errors in it, is perhaps
> more importand to solve then me getting errors.
> Perhaps a good time to overhaul all the ones that come standard with GIMP.

GIMP 2.7 is a development release and it has a large number of changes in 
the PDB API. It is the biggest PDB change in a while and, with the moving of 
some procedure parameters to context settings, most scripts are or might be 

There are a number of outstanding patches I am reviewing for Script-Fu 
scripts to address a lot of the changes. With a high percentage of the 100 
Script-Fu scripts requiring some changes you can expect some issues with 
Script-Fu scripts for a while. I am planning to have all the scripts updated 
for the 2.8 release.
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