Dear Sir,

I am Ravi Bhushan final year student at LNM IIT(The LNM Institute Of
Information Technology, Jaipur ). I have strong background in C Programming
and User-interface Programming(Like GTk+).
My area of interest is* Image Processing* and Computer Vision and Pattern
Recognition which was the core subjects in my curriculam during B.Tech. I
have already worked on some of the open-source software likes *Greenstone DL
* and *Moodle*. I have customized Moodle server and Greenstone DL for my
institute and Currently, it is extensively used in my Institute's Digital

I am eager to implement  the project entitled "Implementation of Free
Transformation  tool(Affine Transform) in GIMP". I have already implemented
affine transformation(Only rotation) in the GIMP while going through the
project list of GIMP after announcement of GSoC' 2011 and it is running
without any problem.

In my Computer Vision Course, I had implemented* FACE DETECTION *on the
Image using openCV Library. Now, I am familiar with the fact that how to
write a plugin in GIMP and adding it in to the GIMP UI. I am looking forward
to implement *FACE DETECTION* as GIMP Plugin. This plugin would be
benificial when we want to implement a certain operation on every faces
present in the Image. FIrst of all, we would detect faces by running this
plugin and then we can operate different operations on the blob having
faces. Please provide an opprtunity to improve GIMP Plugins Collections.

Looking forward to your response.

Thanking you,


Undergraduate Final Year,
Computer Engineering,
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