We are pleased to announce the availability of a new development
version that brings us closer to GIMP 2.8. This version is packed with
important new features and improvements. For a complete list of
changes since 2.7.1 please see the "Changes" section below. Also see
the release notes of the 2.7 series at

Please note that the whole 2.7.x series of versions is considered
unstable and is not recommended for use in production even though it
might just work for you. Our intention is to make development versions
available for passionate users who can provide useful feedback to help
us fix bugs and streamline implementation of some of the new
features. The upcoming v2.8 also introduces a huge amount of API
deprecations and additions that have the potential to break existing
3rd party scripts and plug-ins. Please file bugs for all plug-ins and
scripts that do work in v2.6, but don't work in 2.7.2. A migration
guide for developers will be provided when v2.8 is out.

There is still a lot of work to do on v2.8. Please refer to
http://tasktaste.com/projects/Enselic/gimp-2-8 to find out what the
current estimate of the v2.8 release is, and what bugs you can help
us fixing to make the new stable version happen sooner.

Happy GIMPing,


   GIMP 2.7.2 is available from:


   and from the mirrors listed at:


   The checksum of the tarball is:

   6996138ab70b0bfebfe9f563284e5f78  gimp-2.7.2.tar.bz2

Changes in GIMP 2.7.2


  - A lot of undeprecations due to GTK+ 2.22 and 2.24
  - Lots and lots of cairo porting, calls to gdk_draw_* are gone
  - Merge the cage transform tool from GSoC
  - Remove the old bitmap cursors completely and always use RGBA cursors
    also for compat cursors for old X servers
  - Add new GimpCanvasItem infrastructure with subclasses for everything
    that needs to be drawn on the canvas and port all tools to canvas items,
    this is a huge change that touches all tools and almost all display
    code, and which finally gets rid of XOR drawing altogether
  - Switch from purely idle-rendering the display to something that ensures
    a minimum framerate, so we don't fail to update under heavy load
  - Make the text tool handle RTL mode better
  - Change GimpColorMapEditor to use the newly added proxy GimpPalette
  - Replace the brush scale control in tool options by a brush size
    one that works in pixels, and does the right thing when the brush
  - Add new widget GimpSpinScale which is a scale with number entry,
    and use it in all tool options
  - Make the brush, pattern etc. selectors in tool options more
    compact and allow to directly jump to the editor dialogs
  - Make handle sizes in tools consistent
  - Add an on-canvas progress and use it for tool progress instead of
    the statusbar
  - Add a new GimpToolPalette class with lots of code that was
    in GimpToolBox
  - Allow to properly drop into and after a layer group
  - Refactor and clean up the dynamics editor widget, and add colors
    for the curves
  - Add support for F2 to rename items in lists
  - Clean up GimpDeviceStatus internally and visually
  - Allow to set GimpToolPreset's icon using the new GimpIconPicker widget
  - Make the text tool's style overlay show default values from the
    text object if there is no style active at the cursor position/selection
  - Show the the text size's unit in the text style overlay
  - Make tool dialogs transient to the image window again
  - Consistently add a "gimp-" prefix to all window roles
  - Make the preset buttons in tool options work on the global tool
    presets instead of the removed per-tool preset lists
  - Add GimpControllerMouse, which allows to bind extra mouse buttons to
    arbitrary actions


  - Add uniform API to turn any GimpItem's outline into a selection
  - Add support for color tags in text layers
  - Remove the selection_control() stuff from GimpImage and with it
    maybe last piece of UI code still not properly separated
  - Add more validation code for XCF loading
  - Add accessors to GimpPalette and use them globally
  - Keep a proxy GimpPalette around for the image's colormap
  - Don't scale SVGs when pasting or importing them
  - A lot of changes to the input device handling code, partly
    merged from the gtk3-port branch, add GimpDeviceManager class
  - Add smoothing of paint strokes
  - Fix display filters to work on a cairo surface
  - Fix and enhance GimpImage's URI/filename handling API
  - Unset "removed" flag on items when they get added back to
    the image from the undo stack
  - Change item creation to properly use GObject properties and
    remove item_configure() and drawable_configure()
  - Refactor tool event handling and move lots of stuff into
    utility functions
  - Clean up GimpViewRenderer API
  - Implement transforms on group layers
  - Clean up the transform tool a lot, and refactor away old junk
  - Tool and tool event cleanup: enforce tool activate/halt invariants,
    consistently shutdown all tools in control(HALT), and many other
    tool fixes
  - Remove GimpToolPresets object, this functionality got merged into
    the new GimpToolPreset system
  - Rename GimpFilteredContainer to GimpTaggedContainer and add a new
    GimpFilteredContainer parent class which is a generic filter
  - Remove the concept of an "offset" from TileManager and instead
    pass around the offsets explicitly when needed, like when
  - Move GimpBezier desc from vectors/ to core/ and add API to create
    one from sorted BoundSegs
  - Change GimpBrush boundary API to return a GimpBezierDesc
  - Add GimpBrushCache object and use it to cache a brush's transformed
    pixels and its outline, remove the caching code from GimpBrushCore
  - Add GimpBezierDesc based API to GimpScanConvert and use it


  - Add operations and gegl infrastructure for the cage tool


  - Introduce an "item" type in the PDB and libgimp and deprecate
    lots of old API in favor of item API
  - Add procedures to create, traverse and manipulate layer trees
  - Add more state to the context API, and deprecate functions with
    too many parameters in favor of simpler ones that use context states,
    particularly the entire transform and selection API
  - Move GimpUnitStore and GimpUnitComboBox to libgimpwidgets, and
    use them in GimpSizeEntry, deprecate GimpUnitMenu.
  - Deprecate gimp_min_colors() and gimp_install_cmap()
  - Add API that enables GimpRuler to track motion events by itself
  - Add new selection API and deprecate all old selection functions
  - Move around and rename all parasite functions, deprecate the old ones
  - Add a generated PDB file in the "gimp" namespace and get rid
    of "gimpmisc"
  - Add unit conversion functions to libgimpbase
  - Add function to reset a plug-in's context to default values


  - Make script-fu server IPv6 aware
  - Follow libgimp deprecations in plug-ins and scripts
  - Add PDF export plugin
  - Lots of cairo porting here too
  - UTF-8 fixes in script-fu
  - Set the progress to 1.0 when done
  - Merge a lot of upstream fixes into script-fu's Tinyscheme
  - Add "New Layer" option to MapObject
  - Support loading of 16-bit raw PPM files
  - Add web-page, a new plug-in which renders images of web pages
  - Fix some more plug-ins to not warn if applied on an empty region


  - Remove "Untitled" from palette names entries

Developer documentation:

  - Move libgimp documentation from templates to inline comments
  - Generate standard deprecated sections

Source and build system:

  - Add more code documentation
  - Add more unit tests and refactor existing ones to use global
    test utility functions
  - Add a manifest to executables (app and plug-ins, Win32)
  - Depend on GLib 2.28, GTK+ 2.24, Cairo 1.10
  - Make WebKit available to all plug-ins, not just the help browser
  - Run UI tests on Xvfb if available
  - Check for GdkPixbuf separately because it's now a separate library
  - Allow tests to use uninstalled plug-ins from the build dir
  - Remove, comment out, or build for GIMP_UNSTABLE some stuff that
    should not be in a stable release


  - Improve safety on Win32 by calling SetDllDirectory() and
  - Switch from GtkObject::destroy() to GObject::dispose() all over
    the place
  - Various changes that make maintaining the gtk3-port branch easier,
    such as s/GtkAnchorType/GimpHandleAnchor/ and s/GtkObject/GtkAdjustment/
  - Don't use gtk_container_add() for adding to GtkBoxes
  - Inherit from GtkBox directly, not from GtkHBox/GtkVBox
  - Add namespace to the ink blob types and functions
  - Remove all useless calls to gtk_range_set_update_policy()
  - Use GObject::constructed() instead of GObject::constructor() all
    over the place
  - Move more members to private and add accessors for them
  - Stop using GdkNativeWindow, use guint32 instead
  - Plug memory leaks
  - Remove ps-menurc, we are not a PS clone
  - Use the new g_[s]list_free_full() instead of foreach() and free()
  - Don't use newly deprecated GTK+ API
  - Use the new GDK_KEY_foo key names
  - Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
  - Lots of translation updates


   Alexandre Prokoudine, Alexia Death, Andrew Wyatt, Barak Itkin,
   Bogdan Szczurek, Cameron Gregory, Christian Krippendorf, David
   Gowers, Enrico Schröder, Eric Grivel, Jakub Steiner, KermiDT, Kevin
   Cozens, Lloyd Konneker, Martin Nordholts, Martin Renold, Massimo
   Valentini, Michael Muré, Michael Natterer, Michael Schumacher,
   Mikael Magnusson, Mukund Sivaraman, Nelson A. de Oliveira, Nils
   Philippsen, Omari Stephens, Patrick Horgan, Petr Ovtchenkov, Rob
   Antonishen, Rupert Weber, Saul Goode, Seth Burgess, RyōTa SimaMoto,
   Simon Budig, Sven Neumann, Tor Lillqvist, Ulf-D. Ehlert, Ville
   Pätsi, Peter Sikking, Øyvind Kolås


   Adi Roiban, Alan Monfort, Alexandre Prokoudine, Andika Triwidada,
   Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir, Aron Xu, Barak Itkin, Bruce Cowan,
   Christian Kirbach, Claude Paroz, Cristian Secară, Daniel Nylander,
   David Planella, Denis Arnaud, Fernando Correia, Gabor Kelemen, Hleb
   Valoshka, Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio, Julien Hardelin, Khaled Hosny,
   Kjartan Maraas, Kolbjørn Stuestøl, Lucian Grijincu, Mads Lundby,
   Marco Ciampa, Martin Nordholts, Martin Srebotnjak, Matej Urbančič,
   Mattias Põldaru, Maxim V. Dziumanenko, Michael Natterer, Mihkel
   Tõnnov, Miloš Popović, NISHIBORI Kiyotaka, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy,
   Nils-Christoph Fiedler, Olle Niit, Petr Kovar, Priit Laes, Rudolfs
   Mazurs, Russell Kyaw, Sira Nokyoongtong, Sveinn í Felli, Sven
   Neumann, Tomasz Dominikowski, Tournaris Pavlos, Ulf-D. Ehlert,
   Vasilis Kontogiannis, Xandru Armesto, drtvasudevan, vasudeven,
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