I agree with Michael that the design in the proposed specification 
although looks cool , it can be complex for first time users. Having 
said that I personally like the original specification as it is more 
clean and efficient once understood.

Inkscape has a more easy approach to this but it doesn't offer that much 
transformations as required in this tool. The original specification 
provides all the tools in a single view rather than toggling to 
different mode for different transformations. For different users the 
choice may be different. In my opinion tools incorporated in the unified 
transform tool should be of basic transformations. Adding too many of 
them can cause more confusion than providing utility. We can also 
provide an option for users to select between the super frame mode(the 
original specification) and normal transformation mode (for a simple 
specification as suggested by Michael) which i think should not be hard 
enough to implement.

The idea suggested by Ofnuts to set different scale point is noteworthy. 
There should be a provision for changing the axis for different 
transformations(not only for scaling,rotation but also for perspective 
and shear) with a reset button to restore defaults. These are just some 
of my ideas and opinion regarding this. For a better implementation we 
need to more ideas and suggestion both from users and developers.
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