The next GIMP Developer Meeting (#4) was scheduled for this week on
tuesday, April 19th 2011 on 20:00 UTC. For time zone conversions, see
As usual, the meeting will take place on #gimp-devel

Developers who mentor at GSoC or any other person who has something to
do with GSoC administration, should come 20 minutes earlier (a room
for that will be announced on #gimp on that time) to finalize the GSoC
applications and finish the process of GSoC student application. This
is important!

The agenda for this meeting isn't yet well defined - basically it's
just discussing 2.8. The meeting page can be found on

Finally, due to request of some people, there is now a GIMP Developer
Calander. For an online view in gmt/utc time, use the following link:
The ICS file for the calendar is available at

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