On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Michael Terry <mte...@cs.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Hi Alexia -
>>> http://www.adaptablegimp.org
>> Great, another fork... Interesting idea tho. Too bad it wasn't built
>> as a plugin.
> We would have loved to build it as a plug-in, but we need to significantly
> alter the toolbox's behavior, which is not possible with GIMP's plug-in
> architecture.
But you could have replaced the toolbox totaly with a dialog created
by your plugin... Some pdb changes may be needed as well to control
active tools, but those may have been mergeable, making the plug-in
usable on all gimp installations and your test base much larger.

> The source is available at the same place the binaries are. Making it
> available via git is a good idea. I'll see if we can put that in place in
> the upcoming weeks.
Great :)

> Porting it to the more recent versions should not be that difficult. In the
> meantime, there should be more than enough to explore and play with in our
> current version.
I personally haven't used 2.6 since it was released, because as a
developer I have 2.7 at hand and the improvements are great, in spite
the occasional bug.

> We're especially interested in feedback on the feature set and how it does,
> or does not, integrate into your workflows.

Well, I personally have very little workflows left that work on 2.6 et
all. Two major changes have altered all my usage habbits - SWM and
tool presets. Plus innumerable brush tool/outline  speed ups. Tool
presets is why I brought up 2.7/2.8. There seems to be a little bit of
overlap between what you and tool presets offer.


P.S. sorry about the direct mail duplicate
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