Hi Alexia -

>> We would have loved to build it as a plug-in, but we need to significantly
>> alter the toolbox's behavior, which is not possible with GIMP's plug-in
>> architecture.
> But you could have replaced the toolbox totaly with a dialog created
> by your plugin... Some pdb changes may be needed as well to control
> active tools, but those may have been mergeable, making the plug-in
> usable on all gimp installations and your test base much larger.

We could have done that, but we also collect usage data, as we did with 
the instrumented version of GIMP. This helps us understand how the 
community actually makes use of the software. It also allows us to 
provide better customization recommendations.

Like I said, we're most interested in getting feedback on the new 
interaction design and feature set. Since it's about the same effort to 
install the binary for the app as it is for a plug-in, we hope people 
will try it out, even if it's not attached to the bleeding edge version 
of GIMP. If the ideas prove useful, we can look into tighter and easier 
integration with the current version.

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