Hi Tim -

> But it seems like that the process of creating task-set is not intuitive 
> enough.

I agree it could be better. One of the possibilities we have considered 
is recording the user's actions and then suggesting that they make a 
task set out of their actions (which is why your source code could be 
useful). At present, the process of making a task set is fairly similar 
to customizing other interfaces, so we hope it won't be too difficult 
for motivated users to create task sets right now. But there is always 
room for improvement.

> Also, do users have to manually capture/upload the snapshot of their task-set 
> or your system will automatically capture it?

All task sets are automatically uploaded and shared with the community 
once you save it. A wiki page is also automatically created to document 
it. So it's very low effort to share customizations.

> The better way to do so is perhaps like Grabler's automatic tutorial 
> generation work at SIGGRAPH 2009?
> http://vis.berkeley.edu/papers/tutgen/

It would be cool to join our technology with this other work 
(incidentally, they cite our work in that paper :).

I think the main thing that differentiates us from prior work is this 
notion of automatically sharing customizations with the rest of the user 
community. Right now, there are plenty of tutorials on the web that show 
how to perform a specific task; our system allows you to create a 
tutorial *and* have the interface automatically customized for that 
tutorial/task. In that respect, it complements these other technologies.

Research-wise, we're really interested in what happens when you make it 
no effort at all to share your workflows with others. From our own lab 
tests, users are enthused about the functionality. Now we're curious 
about how the larger community uses it.

> About my work, yes, I will share the source code and

Cool, we're looking forward to it :)

> @Michael Terry, Please accept my apology of mentioning my project in the 
> thread, it seems to distract others' focus from your work.

No need to apologize -- it's great to learn about your work!

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