2011/5/2 Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org>:
> On Sun, 2011-05-01 at 17:15 +0200, ense...@gmail.com wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We have discussed the possibility to use Vala as a code
>> generator. What follows is a set of patches so we all can see what
>> that would look like. Any objections to me pushing these commits?
> Yes, and I'm currently on vacation and can't respond in detail,
> but IIRC I have made myself very clear about vala.

Hi Michael,

I'm trying hard to find time hacking on GIMP, and not having to waste
time on GObject C boiler plate means a lot to me. At first I was
thinking "what the hell, I'll just come up with the the damn
boilerplate code manually then". But right after I began doing that I
started to feel like I was wasting my time, and I can't stand that
feeling. I find your blunt dismissal of these two patches really
discouraging. Can't we at least push them to master and have them in
for a while and see if we can discover some real problems? If it
really doesn't work out, we can just reformat the generated .h and .c
files and discard the .vala file.

If you are on vacation and don't have time to properly review or test
these patches, please take your time to do so. I'm not going to push
these patches without your OK, and if you're busy for a few weeks,
then I'll have to wait. I can work on other items on the GIMP 2.8
schedule in the meantime...



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