Due to my very unfortunate series of monday's in which I can't arrange
a meeting, and due to the fact that some developers where on vacation,
there wasn't any serious developer meeting in the last month except
for the one in which GSoC mentors did some stuff regarding that.

Since I'm having trouble keeping up with all development to collect
topics for a meeting myself (and now I also have a GSoC which eats up
more of my free time), and since I want to avoid meetings with no
content, I'm emailing the list for a thread to discuss ideas. I will
organize a meeting when there are enough ideas / enough time passed
with no meeting ("enough" is a flexible thing).

Throwing ideas that should be discussed:

- GSoC students - Basic guidance on how to handle branches? When to
push, where, etc. More important is getting them all with git access
(for me it took 1 month to get, so it should be organized now in order
not to stall real work...)
- Plans for a new website - I know it was discussed, but I don't
remember any decision. Major parts of the site need updating,
including the tutorials section.
- More?

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