Hi all,

i've come up with the first concept for the rewrite, including a class 
diagram and sequence diagrams for a few use cases:
Note that it mainly shows how the different components work together, 
not how each component does its work internally. If I forgot something 
(and I probably have ;-) ) please tell me.
Martin: I planned on integration the keep-aspect-ratio functionality 
right away, because I don't think it's to much additional work.

Additionally I set up a task schedule on 
http://tasktaste.com/projects/enni/gimpsizeentry and applied for a gnome 
git account, but it probably takes some time for it to be activated.

Also, since I'm using a Mac and tried to not having to use a virtual 
machine, I built git-gimp natively on osx (without X11) and with a patch 
that moves the menubar from the main window to the top of the screen 
(like other mac apps). It really was a horrible experience (took me a 
whole day), so I thought it would be nice to have a precompiled 
app-bundle. As far as I know, there are no official mac binaries, right? 
The only ones I found where using X11, which isn't very good. I could 
try to provide osx binaries of the current 2.7.2 and then 2.8 including 
patches for the menu bar and a nice theme.

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