Creating a new thread as this has nothing to do with my Summer of Code 

> It would be nice, if you can document the steps to compile Gimp for
> MacOS in the Wiki:
I can try, but it was such a mess... I'm not sure I can remember all the 
steps I did, let alone if I'm able to document them ;) A lot of 
dependencies needed to be built and installed separately from the 
gtk-osx versions (and I'm not only talking about the usual suspects babl 
and gegl), then paths and makefiles had to be hacked for everything to 
point to the right place...

> That would be cool. Perhaps you can work together with Simone from
> "Gimp for OS X".
On his website he is writing something about a bug in gnome regarding 
tablets which prevents him from releasing 2.7.2 and probably 2.8. I'm 
afraid I can't do much about it because I don't have a tablet and the 
time to fix bugs right now. Maybe after Summer of Code. I was just 
thinking about releasing binaries with the current limitations 
(apparently tablets not usable, no twain, no dbus) for those people who 
want to use it anyways.

> Im wondering if that menu patch could be formated into a build
> switched thing that could be integrated. Being consistent with mac
> paradigm sounds pretty important to me personally...
It's not my patch (I just modified it a little bit), but I think every 
modification is guarded by GDK_WINDOWING_QUARTZ and __x86_64__ so there 
should be no problem. Can't test 32-bit though, but I'm not sure which 
osx versions this affects. Also it uses some deprecated stuff in 
gtkosxapplication.h so it needs some modifications there, will look into 
The other thing is that we need to link against an additional library, 
but I don't have any experience with modifying autotools build systems. 
What is to be modified to do that properly?
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