2011/5/3 Tim Chen <ht.timc...@gmail.com>:
> Hi Martin,
> It sounds like that there are other thoughts about how to implement the macro 
> system? During my GIMP hack last year, my impression was that macro recording 
> should be done in PDB. And I did not do so because not every functions went 
> through PDB, e.g. those stroke functions (please correct me if my memory did 
> not serve me right).

There have been discussions of other approaches than the Command
design pattern. Making use of the PDB somehow probably is a good idea,
although that won't work for things that a use can do but that w don't
have PDB calls for yet.

> In any case, the GIMP community helps me a lot and I do like to contribute 
> something back, i.e. integrate my system into GIMP core.

That sounds great. The best way to take in a large thing like this is
by doing it step by step. Divide your work into small commits that we
can take in upstream piece by piece without introducing any bugs or
regressions. Eventually you'll have the platform you need to land the
final parts that enables your work for users.

 / Martin


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